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The longest war in history

The longest conflict in human history that you've never heard of because they don't really focus on what lies between Greece and India in western schools, wa.

What an interesting idea. Dividing the states up into "states" that are based on population, not current lines...

What the U.S. map would look like if each state had the same population

The Electoral Reform Map redivides the fifty United States into 50 states of equal population. The 2010 Census records a population of for the United States, which this map divides into 50 states, each with a population of about

Imagini pentru ethnic map of eastern europe

Imagini pentru ethnic map of eastern europe

The Roman Empire at its Greatest Extent - A Political Map of Rome’s Provinces And Its Surrounding Areas .

Map of The Roman Empire During New Testament Times. The map shows the Roman Empire during its greatest extent during the time of the Emperor Trajan in 116 AD. He pushed to the Persian Gulf and even Susa wishing to exceed Alexander's empire.

outremer1243.jpg (1254×864)

outremer1243.jpg (1254×864)

Philippines to submit map to UN in case vs China - Murillo Velarde Map


Calculator: How much must you earn at a job in another state to maintain your quality of life?

The World in 1920.

The World in World War I hastened the crumbling of several empires (German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian) while others retained their global power (British, French).