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  • Melissa Barajas

    Now that is adorable. Baby llama #cute #baby #animal

  • Crystal Lansenderfer

    I need this #babyllama #baby #cutiepatootie

  • Perspicacity Party

    I've never actually seen the baby version of an Alpaca! | #perspicacityparty #perspicatini #touch #vision #babyanimal #babyalpaca

  • Melba Allegro

    This baby alpaca is so cute it actually hurts. (For clarification, yes, it's a stuffed animal. I don't care. It's adorable.)

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Holy, this micro goat is chic! Gorgeous patterning and ridiculously cute.

If I wasnt so scarred by being spit in the face by a one eyed llama named Irving as a child I think Id own a few of these :D rofl!

Baby Llama ~ This newborn llama has been practicing all morning, and has finally gotten the hang of standing!

When I walk in the spot, This is what I see ,Everybody stops, And they're staring at me... I'm sexy and I know it

Llama... How could you not smile after looking at that face?

baby llama here to find out more

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Llamas! I don't know why, but I love them! And alpacas.

"Well hello!" Snickers the inquisitive young llama.

Baby Llama- when I grow up my backyard will be filled with baby animals