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O.M.G. Doctor Who Yahtzee

Anniversary Doctor Who Yahtzee With TARDIS Dice Cup. i need this in my life.

Tardis DIY--opens to next room, so It's bigger on the inside...Genius. Not doing it unless my kid turns out to be a huge Doctor Who freak like me. But yet, still genius.

Tardis DIY--opens to hidden console room. If I ever become rich, I'm getting a bigger on the inside TARDIS model and a bookcase secret door into another room. And maybe a wardrobe that goes to Narnia.


Doctor Dr WHO Ice Cube Tray / Chocolate Mold - Tardis & Dalek- These are great!

Love Dr Who!

DEFINITELY gonna buy this! Time to scour the internet for the perfect Whovian nail polish. Not gonna lie, though, I mostly just want a TARDIS blue nail polish.

TARDIS TENT! If only I could send this back to my childhood...My brother was Tom Baker DW for halloween when he was 9, with his own K9!

Doctor Who TARDIS Play Tent from Think Geek. Not sure kids would get any play time in this with my friends around.

Image from http://www.geekalerts.com/u/Tardis-Vs-Dalek-Salt-Pepper-Shakers.jpg.

Well this is just delightful. Salt and pepper shakers in the form of the TARDIS and a Dalek. my sister just got these for me for my birthday!

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote - I NEED this to watch the Doctor on Netflix!

Buy Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote on Nintendo Wii at Mighty Ape NZ. The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver device is an actual, fully-functioning, Wii Remote Controller! This sonic screwdriver is compatible with all Wii .

Go to Trenzalore, do not pass go, do not board the TARDIS

Doctor Who Monopoly! Pretty sure this is a must-have item for every household. I still hate Monopoly, though.

A TARDIS bookshelf is probably the best thing ever. As any booklover knows, just like the TARDIS, books are bigger on the inside.

Doctor Who TARDIS Bookcase DIY. Love this idea, because reading takes you to new universes and on new adventures. And so does the Tardis! I just had a little nerd moment right there! So hard to decide if this goes in fandom or the book nerd board

Kombi: iPhone & iPod Cases

If I ever get an iphone. Blue Volkswagen VW with chrome logo iphone 4 iPhone iPod Touch case by Pointsale store

tardis beach towel

Obsessed with Doctor Who — Summer Essentials

Doctor Who TARDIS Bath/Beach Towel :: Beach-towels that look like the front-door of the TARDIS cotton, 60 inches long by 29 inches wide Officially licensed Doctor Who product!

Dalek Nesting Dolls.

Adorable Dalek Matryoshka Dolls - the smallest doll is a Kaled!

Google Image Result for http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_QFQ9D_c9rc8/SB4DlpilVPI/AAAAAAAAD-4/fP-_sRXlA6Y/s320/230279856.jpg

Free Printable Doctor Who Stencils - Free Printable Fun for Everyone. I can stop making my own janky ones now!