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Meet Starshine: an albino Little Northern Freetail bat ~ Mormopterus loriae. Bats exhibit albinism on occasion but anecdotal evidence indicates the condition is more rare than in other mammals. After a cat attack, Starshine was put in to the care of Pam Tully of the Batreach Bat Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre located near Cairns in northern Australia.

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Bear Bile Demand Plummets As Pharmacists Boycott Products

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Ghost bat (Macroderma gigas), also known as the false vampire bat is native to Australia. Named for the extremely thin membrane of its wings that makes it appear ghostly at night. They have grey fur on their backs and pale grey or white fur on their undersides. They have long, narrow wings, but no tail, averaging 4.3" in length. They have large ears for long distance hearing, and very sharp teeth so they can attack prey.

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Bats Attack

Alchemy England - Bats Attack - Front und Back bedruckt - U-Boot Ausschnitt - Vintage Style - Raglan Ärmel - Inside-Out Nähte - lässig geschnitten Stell dir das Horror-Szenario aus Hitchcock's 'Die Vögel' vor und ersetz diese durch Fledermäuse. Die Attacke der Fledermäuse auf dem Sweatshirt Bats Attack von Alchemy England ist mindestens genauso beeindruckend und gruselig. Angriffslustige Fledermäuse fliegen über die Vorder- und Rückseite des Girl-Sweat-Shirts im Vintage-Style.