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I like that this font looks like it has texture. It isn't too hard to read with just a few letters, but it probably wouldn't work with multiple lines of text.

i like the use of color here. (not so much how the letters overlap) Vibrance!

Advertisement for a sedative marketed by Geigy, designed by Igildo Biesele, Basel 1955. ( Vintage Graphic Design / Mid Century Art )

SAUL BASS YO!… See design boards by Curator adam elsholz and Mark Denton for more excellent vintage graphic design and posters.

Tim Harbour Yorke, thought of your kids when I saw this!

"In Paris" says Henri, "There are thousands of buses!!! l Henri's Walk to Paris: Saul Bass's Only Children's Book, 1962, Resurfaced 50 Years Later | Brain Pickings

Bear Graphics Type Poster by DavidEmery, via Flickr

Recta, cover of the specimen book by Aldo Novarese (1958)

Letters and Sodas - vintage-inspired designs and type experiments. A poster with some Liz Phair lyrics.