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I agree with this so much. It's actually kind of sad that he barely get's any attention. It hurts me so much because he is perfect like the rest of the boys


Real quick, even tho this is Michael from he's a huge Green Day fan and is deeply one of us, give them a chance for those who think they're another

That'd be me. But really, this is a fanfic beginning that never followed through.

OMG if only. Michael Clifford Seconds of Summer) interview. Mikey's face on the last is priceless!

Well I wonder why? Maybe bc you're Michael Clifford?

Well I wonder why? Maybe bc you're Michael Clifford?>>> If I ever met him I would try not to cry and just talk like a nirmal person

Omg. But how r u talking about the tank top and not how Michael is so much taller that luke in this pic?

New version of socks and sandals lol<<luke is SHORTER oh goodness the feels<< those days where Michael was the tallest and had to like lean over in pictures to try and look the same height and OMG the fetusness is real