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36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees

Whatever this mess was. | 36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees

Love that gorgeous smile! Hey sunshine I really need you today, I need you're soothing voice to tell me it'll be okay the pain won't last forever I need you to tell me to keep breathing because I feel like I'm drowning.

Harry at a bakery he used to work at... Daawww.. :) I'm just saying, when we get married, we are going to open a bakery together. :3 One Direction <3

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anoushka on

Dear Directionators... ;) that is me when I'm in the kitchen baking

Harry Styles mobbed by fans in New York City poor harry u can tell that the smile is so fake :/ i feel so bad for him

Omygosh I'm literally sitting here crying because I know I will never be his... Plus he's like almost 22 and I'm like almost 13... So yeah

When a guy looks wonderful in a flower crown, you know you're not prettier than him.

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Small Bump (Harry Styles) - Small Bump (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles

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I'm so jealous of him. Like can i like have your body. I'm supposed to be saying this about a girl not Harry

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Harry Styles was a goalkeeper for his local football team

this picture is overflowing with cuteness xx.

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:) on

Harry yesterday...ugh I wish it was snowing where I was at...he is soo lucky!!

Okay, this really bugs me. If they do this to their mic stands then there is a real problem. They either need to get rid of them, or make me one of them ;)