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You two are too cute like how do you get more adorable ^^add calum and Ashton then you get the max amount of adorable FOLLOW ME 5SOS FAM

once again... Luke looking in the wrong direction......hahahahaha

Awww they're still holding Luke!!:)>>>> why would u hold the giraffe he's the biggest out of them all !

5 Seconds Of Summer Summertime Ball 2014 Arrivals

They went out for a frozen yogurt date. ♥ #lukehemmings #michaelclifford Michael Clifford Cuties...

5SOS for Alternative Press

I'll be pinning 5SOS imagines to this board if I see them.

Luke Hemmings. DIBS. DIBS. DIBS. Oh brilliant. Some other sexy to be obsessed with. (Ok 5SOS new obsession )

I've only been a 5SOS fan for a while now so dont yell at me when I say I just learned their birthdays not long ago. But I found that Calum was born exactly the day before me. His is Jan 25 1996 and mine is the day right after. ♥ This makes me very happy. :):):)