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I bet when God was creating all of us he was like" I'm going to make a bunch of hot dudes on this planet to make girls hearts melt and that they are going to be like musical prodigies and goofballs at the same time". Yep, that's it

5SOS in Rocksound Magazine. I am dying evaluate there's Ashton's face! Then Luke's... Then Calum's... Then Michaels! Hold me!

Niall is me. We are one>>I'm double fangirling cuz its 2 bands! Eep!<LOL

Luke during Wherever You Are♡♡♡♡♡♡♡-- I love this video:))) I watch it ALOT!!!! #MakesMeHappy

Hahaha! I LOVE these guys! They're so weird, but I love them anyway! ♥ 5 Seconds Of Summer ♥

Michael Clifford. Endless repinning. I want his shirt.

We did it guys. We made their dreams come true... :')>>>> I'm definitely not crying.... FUCKING ninjas cutting onions.

Luke Hemmings one day I want to meet you and get ur autograph and a hug and tell you and the guys how much I love you and how much you've helped me ♥

Calum doesn't look confused for once<<< Luke does a bit... more annoyed tho<<regardless, they're all still sexy

The boys are in my dating range cuz I will not date a guy that is more then 5 years older then me and ash is only 4 mike is 3 and Luke and Cal r only 2 hell ya *happy dance* :)