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Ashton <3

Ashton <3

"Guys there is something behind me lol"- ash

I might meet you for the Make a Wish foundation! What do you think? @Calum Hood @Ashton Irwin @Luke Hemmings @Michael Clifford

Want that hoodie and ash <3

FEEL BETTER ASHTON! #getbettersoonashton😍❤️

So I was chatting with a friend back when no one knew who 5sos was and sent her this saying 'Hanging with my friend Ash' and she said 'cool' and like now she said 'YOU HUNG OUT WITH ASHTON IRWIN FROM 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER?!?!?!' I was all like 'No I was wondering how long it'd take you :p'

#5sos #Calum #Ashton #Luke Ok who is gonna tell Luke he is strong his biceps are huge in the pic he is gonna be told he is strong by everyone in the 5SOS Fam that he is strong and he is not fat we need him to see this so he knows that we care @LukeOfficial get this trending #WeLoveYouLuke

"Penetrate the waffle"-ash

<3 <3 Luke Hemmings <3 <3


"Helllooooooooooo how is everyone :D"- ash

cake <3

Ash is in his cocoon ...

" Went out last night, they made me wear a bandanna lol MORNING!!!! X" -Ash :p

"Mmmmmmmmmm so hot right now"-ASH