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thank you luke

Click the picture or this link ( ) to vote for me to win 5sos tickets, please! Comment if you do! Thank you! I love you all! Xoxo, Elle

Haha 5sos

5SOS in Rolling Stone crying bawling yes. yes. but they called them a BOY about no! WHERE DO I BUY?

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at


Community Post: 18 Reasons Why 5 Seconds Of Summer Looks So Perfect

I might meet you for the Make a Wish foundation! What do you think? @Calum Hood @Ashton Irwin @Luke Hemmings @Michael Clifford

Nota 5SOS fan, but this is beautifulluke just became like 54384638756376538726543765437658736538765428765342876534275634276347658794614367563792753426573454873658793653796593026587342653874265674826546587342965874275348657426357426574127546593468546379856489626501561270571405265726158096425647654765489365948658946846587461564365676567567436741289375642657421576% more atractive, this is so sweet I just can't even, bYE!

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keep calm and love luke hemmings | Seconds Of Summer unveil poster for new music video β€˜Don’t Stop ...OMG I <3 this song!!!!!!!!

they're perfect