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    By Chorofila.jpg

    • Laura Vdh

      Ashton painting is probably one of the hottest things I've seen. His muscles. HIs hair. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh<<< I understand the feels

    • Gabby Freed

      Imagine for Tori: You & Ash are painting your new house.... ASH: "Does this colour even match ANYTHING we're putting in here?" YOU: "Yas Ashton. I picked it out myself." ASH: "That's exactly why I'm worried." YOU: "Pfftt. Whatever." ASH: *Flings paint at you* YOU: *Screams & throws soma at him* How dare you." ASH: "You know you love me!" YOU: "Yas. Yas I do.. " (ugh. If only this was reall...)

    • McKenna Steen

      You two just bought your first house together. You neatly lay out plastic wrap on the ground and perfectly tape all the edges before you let him start painting. "Alright, now be careful not to spill." You say, tying your hair up "Don't get any on the ground or let it drip. Oh, and paint in even strokes." Ashton laughs and nods and you two get started painting. Ashton can feel you watching him as you two paint, making sure he doesn't spill any.

    • Paige Kubenka

      #Imagine you and ashton decorating your new house together and ending up having a paint war.

    • Morgan Pike

      Ashton painting with his grandma awwww @Ashton Jenkins Jenkins Irwin you're so sweet OMG

    • Shaylin Warczynski

      Ashton painting with his grandma awwww @Ashton Irwin you're so sweet

    • Emily ✌

      Ash painting... Let's drool over his back, shall we?

    • Erica Cooper

      5 Seconds Of Summer ❤ liked on Polyvore

    • Shayna Kelderman

      Ashton painting his house

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    Happy 21st birthday Ash !! ❤ we love you dearly.

    Oh my word.

    Michael Clifford

    aww aww awwe

    Michael Clifford

    By Chorofila

    my oh my what a handsome boy

    By Chorofila

    By Chorofila

    By Chorofila

    Darn... the boys didn't win Favorite New Artist :(


    Cuddle bug

    By Chorofila

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    By Chorofila