By Chorofila

I love this part of the song, but it's not their best song. Please no hate! Just stating my opinion!




Hahaha 5sos

5sos lyrics drawings | so save me from who i’m supposed to be.

This Is Us - 5SOS

5 Seconds of Summer !!! <3 @Luke Eshleman Hemmings @Ashton Jenkins Irwin @Calum Paton Hood @Michael Dussert Clifford!!!!! hey!!!!!


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:) 5sos


hey, I'm doing fine. and I know I'm out of line

I love this song. If they were girls singing abut a guy this would be my life in a song. Me<---- forever alone. Hahaha!


Ok, I guess you could call me a newbie at 5sos, but when I heard their voices, I was surprised. I thought they would sound all young and stuff, but they're awesome! Found my new interest!

5SOS drums

Basically 5sos...I keep up with all their goings-on, keep them close to my heart...and yet they're all over the world and pretty much anywhere but here

Michael Gordon Clifford, I swear.