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  • Vicky Morales

    Hi or Hey Records Canvas 5SOS Screen Printed by TheFeelsFactor, $17.00

  • ◄Kelsey Brown►

    Our babies of 5SOS have their own record label now! And it's called Hi or Hey records! This is all too much :')

  • Danica Rudd

    It's official 5SOS fam!! Hi or hey records:))

  • Julie Frantsen

    5SOS Record label name #HIORHEYRECORDS So happy for them! Can't wait for them to release new music/ a new album :)

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Words cannot describe how i feel! I'm just so incredibly proud an I'm so happy to be a part of this :')

Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings. Luke looks so incredibly cute in this picture.... Well he looks cute in every picture. Am I right?

5 Seconds of Summer♥ how does ashton always look so good?!?!?

.sorry im pinning this late. I was on vacation the day it came out. hope y'all got tickets if you tried today! I got tickets to the show in Hershey XD

I believe that this smile can cure cancer and that it's possible to swim in those dimples. #ashtonirwin

5SOS . #celebrities #famous . Repins and likes are appreciated =) follow me @ and

Who gave you the right to look this good, Luke Eshleman Eshleman Eshleman Eshleman Eshleman Hemmings??

5sos + glasses = fangirl downnnnFirst of all this is not okay. Second if omg please help fan girl downnnnnnnnnnnnn

So Ashton is Half Irish! This reminds when he said "I'm half Irish, Irish people can't twerk" lol

Luke, cal, and Mike are like toddlers that messed up something and ash is there like "mum is not gonna be happy"

5SOS in Rocksound Magazine. I am dying evaluate there's Ashton's face! Then Luke's... Then Calum's... Then Michaels! Hold me!