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Im hearing the original version of I miss you! And thinking that the 5SOS cover is awesomeeee I'm hearing their version next cuz both versions are very good

Can I marry @Luke Hemmings ⓥ ?? (Sorry Taylor still love u)

I love how Calum can't see cause of the sun☀️☀️ 'the sun will rise the moon will fall' hahaha (like if you get it)

Ok guys....i was scared to listen to 5sos for the longest time because people kept comparing them to 1D and noone can replace my boys....but one of my best friends just made me listen to "She looks so perfect" and OMG HOLY CRAP I AM IN LOVE WITH 5SOS. They will never replace my boys, but they are really good.. does anyone have any 5SOS group boards i can join or any 5SOS boards ya'll reccommend me following? Thanks!! ~Emily Kaitlyn~ :) Xxx

i just missed out on pre-sale tickets to see these guys in my city :( My dad will be on a plane, my mum dropping my lil bro and sis off at school and I will be AT school, when the public tickets open up. Im really annoyed.

8 more followers till 500!! omfg i cant believe this. I kinda want to cry. I cant believe i have 492 guys and girls who follow me. Like you guys were like awe shes cool ima follow this chick. Anyway im sorry i love you guys so much and you guys give me so much support on the littlest things so thank you and i love you.


Recently, I have become addicted to 5 Seconds of Summer.... Hardcore. I loved them before, I *LOVE* them now. They're so damn cute and their music just keeps getting better and better. "Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught" could be one of my favorite lyrics of all time. I'm so glad I rediscovered these guys. I've also decided that I'm an Ashton girl ;) -E

"Calum wants you to get the single if you haven't already because he is a turtle :-)"-Luke

8. They Are Younger Than One Direction and Justin Bieber. | 5 Seconds of Summer: 10 Things You Need To Know

Luke Hemmings ♥ 5SOS ♥ 5 Seconds of Summer