I can think of several people, myself included, who need to read this every morning before we start our day - Diddo.

Thank you for the reminder

Anne Frank.

Note from God

I need to remember this more often.

Gotta remember this

make it your habit not to be critical about small things. • parker fitzgerald I need to work on this

And, while we're at it, I'll remind myself of that too....

Note to self: read every morning. Remember. Act.

always important to remember

Very true

Must remember...

"You are somebody's reason to smile." no matter how dark the day, if you remember this it will make you feel better!!! Amen!!! #quote

I love this!!!

someone i love very much says this to me all the time. every time some bad is going on in my life, i can hear him saying it, and some how it gets me through it. Love you J <3

Never respond to rudeness life quotes quotes quote people advice actions rudeness

Need this daily reminder

Motivation Mantra!

remember this.