Medicine Cabinet Mar Goman wooden box, altered bottles, found objects, scrolls, nails, mixed media, 2009 24 x 17 x 5" 77-329

a jar of fairy wings from painted maple keys. (Tell kids the fairies shed their wings every year so it doesn't sound scary or cruel)(Being a faerie freakazoid I totally love this idea! I see it in use in jewelry, books, altered objects, to traipse through the woods!) @Linda Quinlan-Parson we could make these

witches potion cabinet Halloween


Use coffee filters and hot glue to seal your Potion Jars - then singe edges - looks so cool, check out her site.

Great way to display old keys and bottles

potions | thoughts on “ Potions Potions Potions ”

magical cabinet!

cabinet of curiosities

Creepy Collections shadow Boxes With Dollar Store Items. Tutorial

Spagyrics | The creation of herbal medicines using alchemical procedures, for healing, meditation, initiation, and spiritual work. Combines the mind body and soul of the plant.

great label

witch potion bottle labels

Creepy idea for your haunt.

wall candle holder

creepy labels

This is so pretty and creepy!

❥ alter mini liquor bottles....