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Petition · Stop cold-blooded murder of animals! stop the euthanasia of any innocent animals! ·

Petition · Make animal rights education mandatory in schools all around the world. · Children have a right to the truth to protect themselves & those they care for

Petition · Bring back the hope for animals! STOP the hell Radysy! Przywrocmy nadzieje zwierzetom! ·

Petition Update · Massive thanks to all who attended yesterday! ·"Rt Hon David Cameron MP: Reverse the government's decision to give the go ahead for a puppy farm in Hull..." No more breeding beagles for testing! Please keep sharing this petition.

Numerous petitions at change,org; the petition, and many more. Picture is taken at Sudan Airport. Camels are one of the most kind animals, they are very social and intelligent, The Talmud report that camels have a memory capacity of 60 They are cruelly slaughtered and exploited in many third countries..and in Australia ! They are either illegally slaughtered for their meat, leather and bones. They are slaughtered even in residential areas.

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Foxy Terrier on

DON'T SHUT YOUR EYES TO THE FACTS #RinglingBros ABUSE ANIMALS #BoycottRinglingBros pls sign&RT …

End Torture, Death & Corruption at Bulgarian Municipal Dog Shelters Hell! | Please SIGN and share petition. Thanks.

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Animal Testing Mandatory in the US

Animal Testing Mandatory in the US? Click and sign this petition to be SURE this doesn't happen! #crueltyfree via @MyBeautyBunny Jen

PLS SIGN: Demand better conditions... #Pinnawala #SriLanka …

Abolition of the Toro de la Vega Now!