Knee socks with mini skirts in high school - early 70's

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70's Fashions

70's fashion

Fashion ♥ 1968

70's minis, shirts and knee high socks

Fashion 1972

Caution Tape Knee High Socks, from Sock Drawer.

1974 women’s fashions. - love the longer skirts. The rest? Shudder... (I lived through the 70s - fashion was *bad*!)

Both of these outfits are amazing. 1970s. huge scarves and knit headband hats inspired by the early 1910s


1970's Fashion

Classic 70's Our high school cheerleaders wore Button Down Oxford Shirts and short skirts.

1960s mustard yellow and brown tweed sweater and skirt, knee high socks and shoes. fashion color print ad model magazine 60s beret vintage car


schoolgirl chic Knee High Socks - Black, Cream, Grey

Twiggy in Biba, 1970's- gold