Green tiles beautiful building with balcony -Portugal


Photo by Wil van der Velde ( Nummer 24 ) A tree grows close to the wall between the windows up above.

castle window


turquoise door

Aubergine Shutters on French Doors of Balcony


Barn Window / Photography Print


blue-green-shutters love the cutwork

This reminds me of my neighbors front door, now I think she should paint her garden gate to match since she has Wisteria around it. ~~ Love how the color of the door matches the greenery above

Marrakech - Morocco

Rustic porch ...


Iron Door..lovely

One of the many beautiful ornate balconies in the medieval wall town of Medina in Malta (off the coast of Italy).

Going to do this with my brick fireplace - not necessarily the door and window (though that is a neat idea) but just to break up the monotony of my painted brick!