red door

I love the charcoal exterior but I would add a white or cream trim and the door I would paint a less orange/red. I would want a more true red . All in all stunning color scheme

Ironstone & Indigo

I would buy this modern rustic Danish cottage just for the fabulous kitchen without even looking around the rest of the house.

Classic red door pops against gray

i love the Cape Cod feel. I am sure I will never live near water but I can dream. little red door

Dark wood. Outdoor shower.

volga dacha moscow cabin minimalism getaway russia countryside by Bureau Bernaskoni (RUS)

I don't really know feng shui, but I love the idea of a red front door and love those climbing roses. A trellis is being added to my "Must" list too! According to many traditions and feng shui consultants, front doors are best painted red.

black house

10 Bold Colors to Paint Your Home's Exterior

I could easily make a whole board just for doors

Predicting green is the next popular decor color III. Emerald Doors - Alcantara, Brazil - Pantone Color of the year 2013

Detalhes do Céu: Pela porta da frente

The best colors of 2016 to paint your front door. Change the front door decor by changing the color palette. Front door colors are ranging yellow-red-blue.

Puertas Mágicas-5

Adelante, está abierta.

Pink door -looks like the entrance to a secrete garden! Love the shade of pink