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The Aaron Swartz Reader: In His Own Words

Life Inside the Aaron Swartz Investigation

'Life Inside the Aaron Swartz Investigation.' Quinn Norton, The Atlantic, 3.3.13.

Seven on Seven 2012: Aaron Swartz and Taryn Simon

What the Internet did to Aaron Swartz

New Republic: What the Internet did to Aaron Swartz. Like too many other computer prodigies of his generation, Aaron Swartz was used long before he was invented. He hadn’t lived long enough to know that not every mistake he made would reverberate for all time or haunt him until the end of his days. In this, he was not so different from any other teenager who sweats the pop quiz he failed or the fender he banged up.

"El hotel eléctrico" del español emigrado Segundo de Chomón, pionero de los efectos especiales en el cine.