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How the Party of John McCain Became the Party of Donald Trump | Mother Jones

PLEASE tell us what was in your heart (like your BS spokeswoman-troll expects us to glean) so we know what you meant when you did this. or didn't do this. whatever, fuckhead.

Dear celebrities, please constantly criticize Trump for the next four years. He'll be so busy ranting about you on Twitter that he won't have the time to destroy our country & kill us all. Signed, the American people.

And then there's the tow-truck drivers (Republican vultures) counting on the inevitable wreck.

Who's the smartest baby? Tweet some more for daddy!

Citizens schooling our future "leader" via Twitter. Welcome to hell.

Not to mention everything he builds!

Dirty republicans raised a ruckus regarding President Obama's mother-in-law in the White House and his children being guarded by the Secret Service. Hypocritical deplorables, t-rump is going to show himself to be the classless, no-nothing scum he is.

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