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Faces in Things ‏@FacesPics I'm so sad..

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I'm so sad.

I want to go to these schools!

Some teachers are bad. Some teachers are good. Some teachers are awesome. And some are just so awesome they catapult into a whole other dimension of awesome. These are those teachers.

When on Kiss-Cam, should you ever tell your date to wait? | CreateDebate (why are these so funny?! -VS)

this may be the funniest gif you've ever seen. GOOD FOR HER LOL. No, I'm laughing at the lady in the background behind the guy.

Pareidolia (faces at different locations)

La pareidolia viendo rostros hasta en el agua (recomendado)

The 50 funniest faces in everyday objects- Good for introducing narrative stories (how we can write ordinary things in extraordinary ways)


Top 20 des visages vus sur des photos d’objets (2)