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Words still can't even... . If only the world was filled with as much love compassion acceptance and empathy as we see come to the fore in the knitting community in dark times like these. . #knitterspayitforward is all about these qualities. And I'd like to offer my support too. . For the next 24 hours if you gift a pattern of mine on Ravelry I will gift you the same pattern. . As an Australian I know all too well how shamefully the politics of fear can bring about ugly election results. My…

When I was around Sunny there was no time to dream about some easier prettier more comprehensible less fucked-up existence. Now was all we had: Sunny lifting her eyes to meet mine. Cupping water in my own hands to rinse the blood off her head. Sunnys tongue on my nose her tail thudding on my leg. The reach of my hand across her spine. The words of comfort and rage and fear and sadness and hope that I spoke only in her presence. - Shannon Kopp Pound for Pound: A Story of One Womans Recovery…

Bitcoin Pursuit of safety P2P Trading Volumes The volume of transactions from China suggests a correlation with the price of Bitcoin. The influence of the Chinese yuan was shown especially in the second half of 2016. The year 2016 saw the price of Bitcoin have a number of important activities. In its general trend the price of the world's number one crypto-currency rose significantly in the year. Recently a look at their behavior shows that there is a development of correlation between the…

Thank you GOD for helping me get through exams. I am - Thank you GOD for helping me get through exams. I am almost where I need to be. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for giving me both a brain and a heart. Even if my mind does not work properly all the time at least I have soul It is mine. Heal others that are suffering. The world can be a much better place if people learn how to respect one another. It is unfortunate that some people only respond to aggression they see that…


A great beast.

My friends and I crept silently along the street, our smiles and laughter hides our fear. This world isn't like the world my grandpa knew. It all went bad in the year 2034, the year of the Third World War. Except this time, we were dealing with monsters instead of the Axis Power.

hate not having enough time to read ALL the books I have!

Britt Nicole lyrics ~ "You've been walking with me all this time."


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you're terrified of someone who could really make you happy.:

Social anxiety... Sorry for the curse word but it's so true. That last comment really hit home for me.