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250 Thanksgiving Pictures and Images

All the time! I will get you one of these times.

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Hunters get plenty of help spoiling a turkey hunt

We're perfectly capable of finding ways to get busted by these wary birds with their almost supernatural hearing that can hear the "snick" of a shotgun's safety being disengaged at 20 yards and whose eyesight can pick up the quarter-turn of a hunter's camouflaged head at twice that distance. [...] there's not a turkey hunter with more than a couple of seasons under his or her tick/chigger-bitten beltline that hasn't made the wrong move or sound at the wrong time resulting in an approaching gobbler shooting that red/white/blue head straight up, spitting out a couple of alarm "putts," turning tail and vanishing. Over nearly 40 years of chasing gobblers, I've seen and heard about a lot of them, including a recent incident in South Texas that was, at once, amusing, disquieting, sobering and tied to issues far removed from turkey hunting. [...] coyotes. The wild canines are very fond of turkey dinners, and these startlingly intelligent predators take advantage of the birds' sometimes single-minded behavior during the spring mating season. A tom turkey gobbling his head off as he tries to gather hens or answer challenges from other gobblers and seductible hens' yelping, clucking and chattering are invitations to a hungry coyote. The cat slinked along the edge of a logging road in Mississippi, moving so low to the ground that it looked like it was slithering on its belly until it was barely a yard from where I sat, fully camouflaged and motionless, at the base of a huge pin oak. Cattle have walked into the middle of a set-up, stood there bawling and otherwise making rude noises, sometimes spotting me and coming over to stare with that vacant, clueless gaze. Magpies that spotted me at the base of a ponderosa pine in South Dakota's Black Hills cawed and yammered their find to every Merriam's turkey within range, and scrub jays did the same in the Sierra Madres on the Chihuahua/Sonora border, telling the local Gould's turkeys that the clump of green under that oak tree was not to be trusted. A skunk cost me a shot at a huge Menard County gobbler when it came shambling into the clump of brush where I sat, trading calls with a strutting tom that was maybe 80 yards away and steadily coming toward the decoy. At least a few times each turkey season a hunt is derailed when deer scent or see me and spend the next half-hour snorting, stomping and otherwise announcing that something is amiss, ruining any hope of calling a gobbler. [...] a big part of the pleasure and reward of spring turkey hunting is interacting and connecting with the natural world, seeing and learning and experiencing things that illuminate, educate and amaze. "[...] he just stopped, came out of strut, raised his head, putted a couple of times, turned around and walked back the way he'd come," Susan said.

"The Scout Shirt performed wonderfully all week on this hot-weather turkey hunting in Florida." #HaugenGearPicks

10 Turkey Hunting Tips And Tactics. hunters must change and adjust their hunting style to keep up with the times. These tips will help you do just that.

Interesting Facts about Women Hunters No. 1- Why Women spend their time and /or shooting. #Realtreeinfographic #huntinginfographics

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How to Make a Slate Turkey Call

By using a turkey's bones from a previous turkey hunt, hunters can build a turkey call to improve their chances of having a successful hunting trip.

American Wild Turkey...we have these wild turkeys on our farm all the time! They are awesome to watch and photograph .

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Turkey-Hunting Tips From The World's Best Gobbler-Getters - Babe Winkelman -

The best turkey hunters in the business are eager to share their wisdom with others. Here's some great tips from the world's best gobbler-getters.

16 Things to Remember as You Look Towards Fall Turkey Season -- Whether you’re turkey hunting for the first time or are a seasoned veteran, you’ll want to check out these tips and strategies.

Rise of the Female Hunter - Muck Boot Company