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Hippocampus Seahorse (devolved from dragons of course). Few species do live in fresh water, but most live in salt water. Prey: mysid shrimp and other small crustaceans, and even other kinds of invertebrates and larval fish. With excellent camouflage and patience, seahorses ambush prey that floats within striking range. They produce a distinctive click each time food is ingested. The same clicks are heard with social interactions. Predators: eels, tangs, triggerfish, octopus, and sea anemones.

Seahorse (Hippocampus sp.), Waikiki Aquarium, Honolulu

hippocampus - sea dragon vintage illustration

1894 sea fauna I ocean scene original antique sea life print - meersfauna. 80.00 bucks, via Etsy.

1894 electricity original antique science laboratory print.

AstroWorld- Houston Texas- Hippocampus Seahorse on Dentzel Carousel- The one I always rode :)

Antique Marionette Skeleton Puppet 19th C.

SEAHORSE card/print 525 x 725 inches set of five by gingerblue, $12.00

Scientific Illustration. Sea Horse. Black Ink. Sea Life. www.tradescantand...