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Antique Heraldic Seahorse or Hippocampus




Hippocampus by Yeale.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Sterling HIPPOCAMPUS Pendant and Chain - 3D - Winged Seahorse. $42.00, via Etsy.

celtic hippocampus - Google Search

1894 sea fauna I ocean scene original antique sea life print


Dentzel Hippocampus (Seahorse) Fiberglass

"The mythic hippocamp has been used as HERALDIC IMAGE aparticularly since the Renaissance, most often in the ARMORIAL BEARINGS of people and places with maritime associations. However, in a blazon, the terms hippocamp and hippocampus now refer to the real animal we call a seahorse, and the terms seahorse and sea-horse refer to the mythological creature. The above-mentioned fish hybrids are seen less frequently". Heraldic sea-horse:

1894 electricity original antique science laboratory print.

Seahorse (Hippocampus sp.), Waikiki Aquarium, Honolulu

Hippocampus aka Sea Horse by ~Amzylee on deviantART

Antique Marionette Skeleton Puppet 19th C.

1876 the moon original rare antique celestial by antiqueprintstore

1885 sea worms original antique ocean marine animal print

Lindsey Carr / Botanical Illustration

Dentzel Hippocampus

Celtic Dragon Art Print. $14.75, via Etsy.

Southern Skies