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Sarah Young is the creator of this beautiful seahorse .. .which is ispiring me when creating my new bathroom ... after seeing them alive in Barcelona Aquarium just three days ago

I love this beautiful seahorse dragon. Seahorse Dragon by Rungue Sources

Front half is a horse, back half is sea creature (usually a dolphin.) Also Called Hippocampus or the Steeds of Neptune Might actually be The fanciful version above may be based on a misunderstanding of a description of either of the an actual sea-horse (genus: hippocampus) which are only a few inches long, or a hippopotamus. Seen in A common symbolic image among sea-farers, and in heraldry.

THE CHARIOT OF POSEIDON Museum Collection: Sousse Museum, Sousse, Tunisia Catalogue Number: TBA Type: Mosaic Context: Hadrumete Date: C3rd AD Period: Imperial Roman

In another 14th c. French folktale story of Melusine - half-fairy, half human but due to a curse, once a week she transforms into half woman, half-serpent--a secret she keeps from her mortal husband Raimondin. As Raimondin finds out her secret, she transforms into a full dragon and flies away from him.