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Pass It On: Rue’s Lullaby from The Hunger Games

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#HungerGames #Katniss

#HungerGames #Katniss

I aleays pictures it like this:)

The Hunger Games cornucopia in the movie made so much more sense than the one in my head while I was reading. Same with the arena in Catching Fire!

Hunger Games shirt quotes: I have to be careful not to read them all because I haven't read the last book yet!

Hunger Games shirt quotes: I have to be careful not to read them all because I havent read the last book yet!

Puts me at peace.

It's like a game. Even a little tedious after more than twenty years. But there are much worse games to play." My favorite quote of the hunger games :)

Mockingjay.... Gonna have to read this again with Natalie since she wants to know what happens next.

Are you, are you,coming to the tree? Where they strung up a man they say who murdered three. Strange things did happen here no stranger would it be, if we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

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SO TRUE<<< the previous pinned had this on their PJO board, might I ask why? Is there a PJO reference that I'm missing?


This is how I felt when I finished reading all the books of the hunger games. I'm so sad

the hunger games

the hunger games

loved this series when I was a kid & I still love them, years later.

THE GREAT BRAIN Series by John D Fitzgerald. Little House on the Prairie for boys - if Laura had grown up rich and educated in Utah. A childhood favorite of mine that is a fantastic read out loud!