iNaturalist - record what you see in nature

*** FREEBIE! *** Take a stroll and soak up the sights and sounds of Nature... A fun outside activity allowing your children to experience the simple pleasures of nature! Includes a mini lesson plan and a worksheet based on the 5 senses to follow up their outdoor experience *** Both spellings of 'Smelt' & 'Smelled' included to meet the grammatical needs of your part of the globe! ***

Colors in Nature

Wacky science experiment: Make your own egg geodes while testing the effects of various substances. Science meets art in the stunning results. From

Great Nature Project from NatGeo post nature photos from around the globe

iNaturalist -- Record what you see in nature, meet other nature lovers, and learn about the natural world.

nature hunt printables

Never too young to learn

This pack contains a variety of sorting/continuum arrows that the children can use to organise and arrange the natural materials on your classroom nature table. Bring some active learning to your nature table by incorporating the skills of comparing, ranking and ordering!

5 Fun Forest Science Activities for Kids Age 5 SC.1.29 classify objects by an attribute and share their thinking with another SC.1.35 get inside things to explore

Make a Rock...simple science activity for kids

River nature study ideas

Better than a nature table. A nature area. For learning, rather than decoration.

This activity will get kids to look for many different things in a natural setting as they look for a different natural object for each letter of t...

Marshmallow Science Experiment...what happens to marshmallows in different liquids

How Clouds Work by danmeth, via Flickr

Great ideas for outdoor math and science for kids...

Looks good for showing water moving through plants. Science project

Nature journaling

Ready for Kindergarten: Kid�s Nature Collection

Best Channel for Teaching Videos for Young Children