How To Cut Glass (Teacup Lamp)

DIY How to drill through glass.

I have a small one (one plate) and I love it!

Next step was to drill the holes...we had decided to use drawer pulls for the centers, so we drilled our holes the appropriate size to fit their screws....We did break a few glass dishes so practice with a spare. :) What we learned was to make a "guide" hole with a smaller drill bit and then re-drill with the larger one. ...Also there is a fine line between to much pressure and not enough. Oh yes a little water in the bottom of the dish also helps!

DIY: How To Drill Holes In Glass...for future reference

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how to rewire a lamp --- always wanted to know how to do this on my own!

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Photo Negative Lamp. (No tutorial other then the photos.) ****** If anyone knows where to find a lamp like this, please let us know! ****** ~ Iridescence

Here is a beginner's guide on how to cut glass, including where to find new and used glass, cut glass the right way, laminated safety

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