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  • Chris Macleod

    Mother's Day Quotes Celebrate The Women In Our Lives

  • Christine McCloskey

    So true! I love you mom and will never forget our wonderful memories!

  • Mary Roper

    I love you Mom. Happy Mothers day

  • Roxy Ditta

    I love my mom - my role model - my hero - my best friend - my prayer partner - my heart - she is a true gift from God.......and now she is a guardian angel. Always!!

  • Cayla Fancher

    I love my mom. Becoming like her scares me a little, but all in all I couldn't be prouder<3 I love you mom.

  • Alyssa Rellosa

    True story :') Happy Mothers Day!

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Trying to get at least 40 positive thought posters- one for every week of the school year - to post on my staff board in the classroom.

Love this. Things like this make me realise how lovely my job is :)

''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.'' I have the best mom.

Had a sign that said this at home while I was growing up and it WAS definitely my mom :)

So very true..with a house full of boys you learn to not sweat the small stuff very quickly...there will be plenty of time for house cleaning once they are all grown up...miss my boys

Mom Vintage Kitchen Sign

how many times did I think "I will never say that!", I open my mouth and it just comes out...and I sound just like my mother!! :)

I love this....wish I could share it with my mom! I did write her a beautiful love letter several years before she passed. It was on her desk (right on top as though she had just read it) when we cleaned out her house. Say or write what you want others to know that is deep in your heart. Life is so short and so precious...:o) vk