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  • Natasha Raffai

    "Blew my mind. Where there clues in the book??? I don't remember this!" -inaccurate fake Harry potter fan. Eck hum...People are so naïve, Rowling never said this. It's is completely false. The snake Harry set free was a boa constrictor from brazil, Nagini is a python. Psht -natasha.

  • Brittany Gerard

    Shut the front door! Did not know that! wonder if its really true.....

  • Mindy McClure

    completely mind blown, hard to tell if this is true or not. However i like the idea of it, I'm also going by books not the movies, there are numerous changes in the movies, but the books never specified if the snake he released was male or female and the series wasn't completed when the first movie was released. So going by the voices in the movie doesn't mean much. One good example of these changes is in the goblet of fire, Harry gets gilly weed from Nevill in the movie, however, it is really dobby the house elf that gives it to him.

  • Emily Carpenter

    WHAT? OH. MY. GOD. Mind blown

  • ❁

    HOLY COW!!

  • Himmelweiterin

    The snake #HarryPotter set free in the first book was Nagini, the final #horcrux.

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This just blew my mind.

that awkward moment when suzanne collins made your childhood and now life. Mind. Blown.

And the cover was there only to tell you what you are reading, or what the author wants you to read


When Percy went to Hogwarts he wore glasses so he wasn't the only one and we don't really know but there could be others who have glasses just not mentioned

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I didn't know! This has changed everything.

Really, I don't care if it's true or not. You can check out www.whatsupmovies... and form your own opinion. I just pinned it cause I thought it was neat. I watched Saved By the Bell when it originally aired & have watched iCarly & Thats So Raven with my own children & thought they were all the same set years before I had even heard of Pinterest. Again, don't care if it's true or not. :)