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Bocci series 14 pendant lights Might be cool idea for in the bathroom! They look like bubbles!

14 Chandelier from Bocci. Irregular, handmade glass spheres can be combined in infinite arrangements. "Light interacts with the bubbles and imperfections of the cast glass to produce a glow reminiscent of small candles floating within spheres of water. Cast glass is an organic process, imperfect by nature, and each 14 series pendant is handmade; thus, every piece produced is unique."

Lamps from Bocci Canadian Design. Product: 28 Rossana Orlandi 28.7 Photo: Leo Torri

Pendant Light - Scribble Series I really like these. Too cool. This can be done with old wire and salvaged bulbs.

one of my favorite light fixtures ever.. have always wanted to use it in a project

By Cisco Bros. Can find it at Red Ticking. 2802 East Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98112 and at CAPERS Home, 4525 California Ave. S.W., Seattle, WA 98116 / 206-932-0371 / www.caperscapers.... / capers.home@gmail...

Relaxing dinner - under a palm tree, watching the sunset with a beautiful view of the ocean... ahhhh what if I owned a house like this???

Artek Lighting. Brass and white. This is what I want for the dining room.

Handmade Pendant Light Chandelier Edison Restoration Industrial style Globes Fabric cables EGST $150 // bathrooms

Bocci Pendant Lamp. Air pressure and heat are varied during the glass-blowing process to make sure every one of these lamps is unique. The glass ball has a built-in LED light with low voltage. Comes in a wide variety of colors and can be clustered to form large chandeliers.