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As of today, Ricardo will be leaving O2L. We all knew this would happen one day but we all didn't think it would be so soon. Ricardo has changed so many of our lives and he means the world to all of us. O2L won't be the same without him, but he will ALWAYS be our Saturday and he will ALWAYS be apart of O2L. There not going to be any of this "6 members". It will always be 7 no matter what. We respect his decision and support him with whatever he does. We hope to see him back soon❤ we love…

My favorite youtube channel! But no more Ricardo so kian's on Saturday.

Braces yes literally every guy I ever liked had or has braces hmm I guess its because I dont like perfect guys flaws are cute!

Kian lawley sexy face of the day;) hes mine... >:(

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Jc and Ricky #our2ndlife <3(:

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Jc is even cute w ketchup on him, poor garrison tho, but his accent is adorbs!!! If u like Jc, pls subscribe to his friend Harrison on YouTube in this video too @OMGHarrisonWebb

Ricky and the new house...I'm in love with that staircase...

Yesterday was Connor's last video on O2L