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The spirit of my "Hippie Trails" novels lives on. The world's full of wonder to discover, celebrate, and share.

8.5 x 11 archival print, A token of true affection

Ahh, astronomy...The Cat's Eye nebula lies three thousand light-years from Earth. A classic planetary nebula, the Cat's Eye (NGC represents a final, brief yet glorious phase in the life of a sun-like star. This nebula's dying central star may have pr

Doughnut = Painting? Click here to download paint Click here to download www.GraphicDesign... Abstract Art Print by Ashley G -Chaotic. Click here to download Saatchi Online Artist Lily Greenwood; Mixed Media, "Summer Butterflies" Click here to download

buysomedamnart: Sparse, experimental watercolors by Lourdes... (Arc of the World)

Lourdes Sanchez, untitled i pencil & ink, 22 x 15 inches image. Lourdes Sanchez is a Cuban-born artist whose primary medium is watercolor, which she uses to explore compositions that are equal parts geometric and organic.