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Akea Essentials, In virtually all Longevity Hot Spots there are certain foods “Superfoods” that are credited for attributing to their phenomenal health and longevity. Now, all those naturally health enhancing foods from around the world are available in every serving of Akea Essentials. Only Essentials combines the traditional foods of the world’s healthiest cultures with the latest scientific breakthroughs in nutrition to create the first nutraceutical that’s “Hot Spot Healthy.”

Longevity hot spots have been studied by National Geographic and Akea has used their research to develop the Blueprint for Life program

Fill your nutritional gaps with Akea Essentials- pure, organic, fermented whole superfoods and "NO" synthetics! Try it risk free at

Probiotics are critically important, and the data just keeps piling up. Our understanding of gut flora is going to revolutionize our understanding of health and disease. Check out Akea Essentials for your probiotic source at

Dr. Axefrom Dr. Axe

7 Proven Benefits of Quercetin (#1 is Incredible

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Dr. Axefrom Dr. Axe

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Dr. Axefrom Dr. Axe

Reishi Mushroom Fights Cancer & Improves Liver Detox

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Dr. Axefrom Dr. Axe

The Power of Passion Flower

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Enzymes are vitally important! Akea Essentials has a proprietary blend of five plant based digestive enzymes that will keep your body working properly and longer. Check it out at

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Detox Your Body

Everyday foods to help detox