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Yay  both young that great

Young heart(child like, vulnerable and open) old mind (intuitive, wise, analytic and creative) old heart young mind Taurus

Tell the truth or a Leo will tell it for you.

The Truth and a Leo. Tell me the truth or i'll say what we're all thinking

Yep, I have to be beyond in love

Leos never chase after someone unless they are really important. Other than that you can walk out that door and don't come back. Speaking as a Leo this is soo true. Several people in my family can attest to their experiences with this

Is it sad that I actually say something similar to this?                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I know a Leo and they completly changed who they where to fit in. ē when I brought up stuff we both loved around other people she'd be like "that sounds stupid what's that"