14 more days! Eeeeeeee! I'm excited and nervous at the same time! :)

Books Read + Reviewed in 2014


all the time.


that time I was a time lord

I am sooo excited this book will be out this Tuesday, May 1st!

Haha this gets me every time

Go Set a Watchman: A Novel: Harper Lee: 9780062409850: Amazon.com: Books

Harry Potter Valentine's Day Cards by ©Bakingdom. Makes my nerd self glow :)

Orphan Train: Christina Baker Kline: 9780061950728: Amazon.com: Books

This is me all the time!

folk song books

The Giver (2014) SO EXCITED!! You need to read the book first to understand and there's a plus side it's a really awesome book!!

Amazon.com: How to Boil an Egg (9780714862415): Rose Carrarini: Books

Think Books

The Great Gatsby - love this book

"Best and worst book of my childhood". And there was always a waiting list for it at the library at my elementary school.

great books