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    Can't leave your home to refill the bird feeders? Now you don't have to! How long before someone invents a nest box version of this?

    creative-sofa-couch-design Home Page: www.campeggisrl.i...

    Guys. I WANT THIS. Like right now. I don't even NEED one. But I want it, because it looks amazing. And awesome. And would totally block out daylight in the mornings. And would let me officially be a cave person. I would never leave. I would just sit in there and read all day. Oh, god. I need this sooooooo baaaaadddddd.

    Working Arcade Light Switch by AlephDesign on Etsy. $35.00, via Etsy...Love it!

    Some stinkin' awesome stairs...

    East Texas: www.avcoroofing.com We offer a FREE professional 16 point roof inspection! We also create & install seamless rain gutter too.

    no space wasted netting relax area over stairwell. great idea