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You do not know just how EXCITED I am that messy pony tails are in right now... 1. My daily messy side pony tail or braid is not a fashion faux pas anymore and there are now how-to's to give me some slight variety in my day to day hair #DIY # Ponytail #hair

4 Awesome DIY Hair Conditioning Treatments to strengthen, moisturize, repair damage, and relieve itchy scalp

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I have done this in high school and it never worked, I am going to have to try again!

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Top 3 Best Homemade Hair Moisturizer Recipes

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DIY Body Wash and Shampoo:To make an 8 oz bottle, try this: *1/4 cup liquid castille soap *1/4 cup boiled water *1 1/4 tsp castor oil *20 drops tea tree oil

DIY: oil face wash (& how to minimize blackheads) Because my skin is on the oily side, I do a mixture of 2.5 Tablespoons castor oil (read about castor oil here and here) and 1.5 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil. Then I add a few drops of tea tree oil as it’s supposed to help with breakouts. If you have drier skin, use more olive oil and less castor. Normal skin types should go for a 1:1 ratio.

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pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe for a Healthy Scalp — 1 can of coconut milk and 1 3/4 cups pure aloe vera gel

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✕ Body Oil by Bobbi Brown

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