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  • Kitten

    Ouran High School Host Club Usa chan Rabbit Plush

  • Jay Lammon

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Professor Oak Teaches At Ouran Highschool


That was a sweet ending. :) .....I STILL VOTE FOR HIKARU!! But this was nice. It brought him back to Ouran.

  • Karina Hernandez

    Tamaki is the perfect idiot

  • Kaelyn Clymer

    Even after they danced, with the fireworks they never kissed! Tamaki is a perfect idiot

  • katarina radonjic

    I started the series yesterday and just finished. A piece of my heart just died.

  • Pearl The Otaku Master

    I think if haruhi and hikaru ended up together it wouldnt be fair to kaoru becuase they are more close. So haruhi should end up with tamaki

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ohshc drama | Ouran High School Host Club (Película) - Wiki Drama

why I love Ouran- Am I the only one that has noticed the bottom picture isn't even Tamaki? It's Nekozawa, Tamaki has purple eyes!!!

  • Monique Atgood

    It is totally tamaki. By thebwya i lovebthe plot to this i always watch shows where the un popular girl gets the popular boys attention which is why i love the anime. But read the manga it explains why the host club was invented and answers all your questions

  • Abigail Holien

    It is totally tamale because nekozowa sempai can't stand the sunlight and his eyes are still purple but just with a different lighting

  • Abigail Holien

    So sorry auto correct sucks I meant tamaki

  • Dani Doerksen 🐢 #ShineBrightLikeADoitsu

    Yep yep it's definitely Tamaki.

  • Alyssa

    It is Tamaki, because if you go back and watch attack of the lady manager, it's right after Haruhi tells him he's perfect just the way he is (after acting the Lonely Prince)

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Ouran High School Host Club OH MY! Just saw this episode! "Haruhi is just the cutest thing ever!" Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru

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Ouran High School Host Club Keep Calm