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British Telecom: Corporate intranets use social media tools to promote their interests. Unlike other companies, BT has completed web liberalization project. The company wanted all its employees to excess social media sites. According to the company, these networking sites, gives a chance to change the way our employees relate with one another, with the customers, partners and also with the suppliers.

Coco-Cola social media case study is one of the best examples available out there. The company was also named by Slate’s The Big Money as the brand “making the best use of Facebook,” and their well-publicized Expedition 206 campaign is billed as the company’s largest social media project ever. Coco-Cola has used several ways such as blogging, sharing photos/videos, tweets, social media apps to promote their brand and achieves huge success.

Starbucks: got to know about the company and their customers through various social sites. They also used social media in order to promote their ideas. Moreover, the company has forums where the customers can directly interact with Starbucks representatives

Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Your Brand

If you want to determine which platforms are best for your brand and what you should post on each, then the social media clarity exercises and downloads in this post are for you. michigan programmatic search test

The Definitive Guide To Social Media Tools For Startups

The Definitive Guide To Social Media Tools For Startups

SAP: This third largest software company in the world faced a challenge in the year 2002. It wanted to become a platform company using NetWeaver. The company had to open its platform and allow the other developers to use the platform in order to solve their business problems. The company had to interact with several developers across the globe. As a result of which, the company gained global collaboration and adoption of new SAP products increased.