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Sexy Supernatural

Jared Padalecki. Dear sweet lord, someone grab the salt and holy water cause this pics bringin' the demons out in me....

When You Practically Drowned in His Eyes

Sooooo F'n Sexy!! I'm not normally attracted to guys that have a lot of big muscles...but Jared as such a perfect muscle mass for his build..I think he's the sexiest built man in the entire world. Jared is sexy when he's thinner & when he's built...he'll be hot no matter!

ᗰ⚙ᔕℍᎥ ᎥᎠʝᎥ✞✞ on

Those crazy-gorgeous teeth of #JensenAckles, & those crazy-gorgeous eyes...oh, what the hell!!! He's just crazy-gorgeous, period!! JENSEN, yeah!!!!

So, this might be my favorite Dean Winchester pic of the week. Not because it's necessarily like "omgthat'ssoattractiveimightdierightnowwww", but rather because this is just perfect. (Though, it may just be a behind-the-scenes shot, but it still counts) All around perfect. Plus: bowlegs. Can't go wrong with bowlegs. #Supernatural #DeanWinchester