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Mücevher ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Martins-pescadores são um grupo de pequenos e médios pássaros, brilhantemente coloridos, na ordem Coraciiformes . O grupo é tratado como uma família única, Alcedinidae, ou como uma subordem Alcedines contendo três famílias, Alcedinidae (martins-pescadores fluviais), Halcyonidae (martins-pescadores de árvores), e Cerylidae (guarda-rios de água). Há cerca de 90 espécies de martim-pescador. Todos têm grandes cabeças, pernas curtas, e as caudas curtas e grossas.

Doll Brooch

Here are wonderful doll brooches , all made by my mother. She often goes to Russian events such as Moscow Fair etc. All of these beautiful brooches

Closeup of a Kingfishers wing feathers. It sadly lost its life after flying into a cottage window in mid december, and was brought round to me to take any photos before it was buried in their garden. Here you can see how the colours change with the light . It was photographed outside in morning light. Thanks to Olly for lending me his 90mm Tamron Macro lens.