flying bird tattoo - Bing Obrazy

I May get this with my brother. To symbolize even if we fly away we will always be eachothers anchor.

LOVE this tattoo!

Tiny tattoo. Like how it's so small I would totally get.

sparrows tattoo by ~fifciaa on deviantART

Live Free

Deff need more bird tattoos to go with the one on my back I already have

Bird tattoo designs

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small tattoos I want a bird

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Flying bird tattoo design!


birds tattoo

Flying birds, the sign of freedom. This will happen to represent all that I went through to become an individual and everything and everyone I fought to get there and stay there.

My newst tattoo, for my beautiful daughter.

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Yes. This will be my new tattoo for my children. Instead of the words ... It will be my children's names! My kids will one day fly away and reach their dreams no matter how big they are! Fly my little peacocks! Haha. ❤

Flying Birds

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