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Cruzer - homies_world

Cruzer : Cruzer is a super-cool Homie that considers himself to be God`s gift to the Lowrider world. The Homies think that he is cool, and don`t trip on his arrogant and conceited personality. Cruzer drives a 1948 Fleetmaster show quality convertible, which is known to be the baddest in all of Aztlan (Southwest). Cruzer has all of the,"Best of Show" trophies to prove it. Cruzer has the smoothest walk in the Barrio he glides like an old Chevy cruising down the Boulevard...Orrraaaleeee!.

Adelita :Adelita is a Radical Chicana Student attending UCLA. She grew up in Barrio Quien Sabe and with the help of El Profe, was awarded multiple scholarships and grants. She is now a junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Chicano Studies. Adelita was nick-named after the legendary women soldiers that fought along the men during the Mexican Revilotions.