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#DidYouKnow 69th INFANTRY DAY Lt Col Dewan Ranjit Rai lead 1 SIKH REGT landing in Srinagar Share & Spread!

Sikh martial art experts prepare to give demonstration at Vaisakhi Festival in Southampton Vaisakhi is festival celebrating creation of the Sikh Nation.Thousands of Sikhs,women in colourful saris,men wearing turbans,join Sunday Nagar Kirtan procession.Parade is led by drummers followed by 5 sword-bearing Beloved Ones in saffron tunics escorting a float carrying Sikh holy book. Procession pauses at Sikh temples on the route for men and girls to give demonstrations of Gatka,Sikh martial art.

Sikh History - Then & Now Poem by Kamalpreet Kaur Despite the fact that the Sikhs’ treasure of history loaded with thousands of gems of martyrdom, today’s youth grows detached from the Guru, the congregation, and hence the Sikh way of life. Tragic The history of aeons and pre, lost. Leaving but a speck… Read More…/sikh-history-then-now-poem-by-kamal…/ Share & Spread this heart touching poem!

‪#‎BlessedToBeSikh‬ Great Sewa by the Sikh Riders of America to educate the community about SIKHS! After the Aug. 5, 2012, mass shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek by a gunman with reported ties to white supremacist organizations, a group of Sikh-American friends wanted to do something to help educate others about Sikhs, Sikhism, and how Sikh Americans contribute to the community. Read More -…/great-sewa-by-the-sikh-riders-of-am…/ Share & Spread..

‪#‎BlessedToBeSikh‬ A true exemplary of a Sikh spreading awareness on Sikhism by serving langar: Sahaj Singh! Food Service for Homeless and Low Income Families in the Reno-Tahoe Area while spreading awareness of Sikhism; Received Coverage on Local News Station; Due to the great success that the event had, I hope to host similar food services in the coming months.…/sikh-spreading-awareness-on-langar/ Share and Spread this wonderful act !

#SikhArt Beautiful Picture Of Guru Nanak Dev Ji maharaj! Share & Spread!

‪#‎DarshanKaroJi‬ Mool Mantar in the handwriting of Guru Arjan Dev ji! Share & Spread divinity!

‪#‎DarshanKaroJi‬ The hand script of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji in a pothi kept at the Amritsar Museum! Share & Spread the divinity!

‪#‎BlessedtobeSikh‬ How SIKHS have proved that they are an epitome of HUMANITY The Sikhs are a community who have always stood for honour and bravery of the very highest order. And believe me, the world has no dearth of examples when these Rab de bandey come out and remind us all that kindness, courage and compassion have not disappeared from the world yet. Read More Share & Spread!