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Teaching Your Child to Be Organized

If you feel like you spend the majority of your day picking up after your kids, you're not alone! We asked 25 moms to share their tips for encouraging (and teaching) kids to be organised. go forth and share that BOW & DIAMOND style ppl! Lol ;-) xx

23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be

Be the Person Your Child Confides In

Adults sometimes look down on children's books as being too "immature" to be enjoyed by a grown man or woman. Even though this is true for the majority of kids' books, a few works stand out as either nostalgic, humorous or touching pieces of art.

Do you have an extremely loud child? Try these tricks that work like a charm.

Parenting a child who's always making noise can make any parent lose their cool and yell. Here's some great parenting tips to help you cope with your loud child.