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Unlock exclusive Escherion Evolution Armor! The great Chaos Lord Escherion has his Chaos Eye on you! You have suffered through his quests, but now you can admire the true beauty of Escherion’s chaotic power, as seen through the eyes of artist Dage the Evil. Escherion has agreed to grant you access to the chaotic armor, helmet, staff, hammer, sword, & polearm with your purchase of this epic HeroMart print. Click the pic to order now, or go to !

SPECIAL ORDER Legion Armor T-Shirt

Undead Minions! The time has finally come! Dage the Evil, our Lord of the Undead Legion, has bestowed his greatest treasure upon us. Behold: Dage’s Armor T-Shirt! Lightweight and strung with the strongest Shadow threads in all of Lore, this T-Shirt will offer unsurpassed protection against the Paladins while granting you the Legion Light of Destiny Battle Axe in AdventureQuest Worlds! Get yours at

SPECIAL ORDER Paladin Armor T-Shirt

Salutations my fellow Paladins! The gods shine brightly upon us today with the arrival of the Paladin Armor T-Shirt! Unlike clunky heavy chainmail, this Armor is lightweight and protective, made from the strongest Holy Cotton in all of Lore. And when thy equips this noble armor piece, you shall receive the Purified Caladbolg Blade in AdventureQuest Worlds! Get yours at

The highly anticipated Artists of Artix Entertainment SketchBook arrives this Friday, March 29, 2013, at !

Celebrate Mogloween in style in this spook-tacular Tee as you prepare for the greatest quest of your life: to collect as much sugary candy as possible! The tricks and treats don’t end there; this shirt comes with a special code that unlocks the NeverMore Armor in AdventureQuest Worlds. Happy Halloween boys and ghouls!