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    • Evelyn Blair

      Vinyl mini blinds are a favorite option for homes because they come in a variety of colors, are durable and simple to maintain. Any blind can be expensive to replace, and refurbishing them is often a less-expensive option when moving them to another room or changing the decor. It is possible to paint vinyl mini blinds with a new spray paint by...

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    Toilet Stain Remover 1 cup borax 1/4 cup lemon juice or vinegar Combine, pour into potty, wait 20 minutes, scrub as usual.

    Unclog shower drains w/ salt, baking soda & vinegar. Repinning because this works like magic! :)

    Get rid of kitchen grease with this quick and easy cleaning hack. 1) Apply a squirt of Dawn dish soap to a sponge/dish cloth under warm, running water. 2) Scrub the greasy surface, and watch Dawn put grease in its place. 3) Dry the surface with a paper towel. Then, high-five yourself for a hack well done. For more information, go to

    DIY Jewelry Cleaner: microwave 1c. water for 2min. cover bottom of bowl with aluminum foil, add water, 1TBS salt, 1TBS baking soda, 1TBS dish detergent. works great for gold, brass, nickel, and sterling silver

    Homemade oxi-clean recipe to get whites whiter and brighter. 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide 1/2 cup baking soda 1 cup water Mix and pour into a container. Pour over stains and wash as usual.

    Tip: Once a week, toss in a few frozen cubes of white vinegar and turn on your disposal. The vinegar will get in all the moving nooks and crannies that are otherwise hard to get to and the ice will sharpen your blades.


    For a Cleaner Kitchen =

    Hydrogen Peroxide is like Magic! seriously you must check this out!~

    Great tutorial on how to clean your washing machine and get rid of that stinky smell and mold for good! A must read!

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    How to create a streamlined cleaning routine to help you save time while cleaning and not feel overwhelmed by the process.


    DIY The Magic 2 Ingredient Solution To Completely Ceaning Vinyl Siding to look like New!

    Oh no! You’re wearing your favorite sweater or a new pair of pants when your child spills their Kool-Aid on you, a pen bleeds all over your clothing, or you get a grease stain. Do you try to salvage your clothing or toss it in the garbage? With these tips, you can do your best to save clothing from unfortunate stains.

    These four ingredients are all that you will ever need to clean every surface of your house! There is no need to wear gloves.

    How to clean, shine, and sanitize your stainless steel sink naturally! Awesome!