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932 2p brown, center inverted, n.h., v.f. (SG 101var; see footnote which states that these examples were not supplied to the post office, they are considered to be printer’s waste) --- $500.00 2011year

1857 10k brown & blue, plate II, fourth and last sub-printing, frame dark brown, center dark blue, printed on thinner paper (stamps used in the third period of cancellations, dotted pmks with numerals), selection of four, two used on pieces (each signed Mikulski), ex-Mertens, Faberge etc., v.f. -- $ 2,000.00. 2011 year

1921 30c black and black brown, center inverted, tiny natural spot of color at bottom, n.h., fine, signed both Alberto and Enzo Diena, etc., with 2006 Raybaudi cert. (Sass.27c) --- $1,000.00 2011year

1928 Emmanuel Philibert (Filiberto) 30c green & brown, center inverted, with a tiny offset of center at bottom right, the second of the two known with gum, this copy is never hinged with full original gum, usual centering, fine, a premier world class rarity in optimal condition, signed “Raffaele Maria Diena”, with 2004 Raybaudi and 2006 E.Diena certificates (“ha gomma integra originale ed e perfetto”.) -- $40,000.00 2013year

1917 40c on 1l brown and green, “R.R. Post Italiane Pechino-Cina” cds, usual centering, fine example of this rarity, with 1989 Diena and 2001 Sorani certificates (Sass.7) --- $6,500.00 2013year

1956 50d brown and olive, center inverted, n.h., natural gum irregularity, penciled position (“45) on back, n.h., v.f., with 2002 APS cert. Only 100 printed --- $1,500.00 2011year

1905 8c on 50c bister brown, well centered, slightly tropicalized original gum, v.f., with 2006 PFC, -- $1,000.00 2013year

United States 1867 Grill Issue 5c brown, F.Grill, usual centering, deep rich color, fully intact perforations all around, original gum which is never hinged, fine and...

1944 5c brown, overprinted “Republica Sociale Italiana Base Atlantica”, l.h., usual centering, fresh and fine example of this rarity, only 200 issued (majority destroyed), signed Brun -- $ 2,500.00 2013year

1861-66 24c brown lilac, well centered, lightly hinged, fresh and v.f., with 1998 PFC --- $2,000.00 2013year